Benefits of ATVing

An all-terrain vehicle can do a lot. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, ATVs have a lot of positive characteristics, from their versatility to their simple maintenance needs. If you’re still on the fence, however, you should know there are a lot of benefits that come with riding an ATV.

At Copper Ridge Outdoors, we appreciate anything that helps us enjoy our time outside, and we offer a wide selection of ATV gear to help you make the most of your vehicle. Read on to learn how investing in an ATV can benefit you, and order what you need from Copper Ridge Outdoors today!


Sure, you ride an ATV, but it’s a much more active experience than you may anticipate! Every ride is essentially a workout — you have to maintain good balance and posture on the seat as you navigate tough terrain. It’s a fun form of exercise that can strengthen your heart and reduce your risk of heart disease. One study also showed that just one ATV ride a week can contribute to muscular and skeletal fitness. Enjoy a better form of exercise with your off-road vehicle!


The joy and excitement of riding an ATV can lead to the release of endorphins, chemicals inside your body that are often credited for the well-known “runner’s high.” You can achieve the same happy, stress-relieving experience by hitting the trails! Just getting outside is known to improve your mental health, and an ATV ride in the sunshine can elevate your mood for hours.

Stress Relief

Enjoying the outdoors and staying active can help you find relief from everyday stress, and riding an ATV offers the perfect combination of both. Hop on your all-terrain vehicle to take a break from your job or the everyday slump, and take your mind off your worries and problems with an hour or two navigating the beautiful landscape around you! ATVing requires you to keep your mind on the trial and possible obstacles, so you can concentrate on something that brings you joy and let go of everyday stresses.

Family Time

Having an ATV ready to ride also provides great opportunities to have fun with family and friends! Many ATVs have seats made for multiple people, but if your vehicle only has room for a driver, you can always add a durable UTV jump seat made by Copper Ridge Outdoors. With a few good choices or a little bit of work, you can experience the outdoors together and enjoy valuable quality time with your family and friends. The big smile you get from hitting the trails deserves to be shared!


One of the greatest opportunities offered by a well-equipped ATV is a chance to explore the world for those with mobility or accessibility concerns. Perhaps you can’t hike out to some of the great spots near your home, and the nearby trails are too narrow or serpentine for an ordinary 4x4 vehicle. An all-terrain vehicle can open up the world for you, whether you just want to see new landscapes or you want to go hunting in new territories.

Can you benefit from an all-terrain vehicle? We think the question should really be: who couldn’t benefit from an ATV? If you choose to invest in a versatile off-road vehicle, make the most of it with ATV gear from Copper Ridge Outdoors. We take pride in our work and uphold high standards in quality and convenience whether we’re creating hunting shelters or ATV implements like landscape rakes or utility trailers. Find the outdoor supplies you need from a manufacturer you can trust — order from Copper Ridge Outdoors today!