Advantages of Hunting with an ATV

Hunting is a primal mission central to the human experience. It’s embedded in our history, but it’s also gone through monumental changes as time has passed. Technology is now becoming more integrated into every hunter’s experience, whether you like it or not. Are these advances in equipment and other hunting gear distractions or valuable tools? Today, we’re going to tackle a slightly smaller question here on the Copper Ridge Outdoors blog. ATVs are one of those modern advances that have become a part of the hunting experience, and their use is somewhat controversial. This post will cover the common pros and cons of using an ATV and you can draw your own conclusions.

Whether you believe that ATVs are a helpful tool and you are looking for a UTV trailer or jump seat to make the most of your vehicle or you’re an old-school hunter who prefers the quiet isolation of a blind or a hunting platform, Copper Ridge Outdoors is here to make your next hunt the best one yet. Explore our online store today to find what you need, from ATV gear to hunting targets and deer stands.


The draw of using ATVs for hunting is the access they offer to harder to reach hunting grounds. Hiking with all your necessary gear can be a burden, and there are some roads and trails that your everyday vehicle simply can’t handle. In an ATV, off-road trails become the open road. You have far more range than you would on your feet and you can reach the best vantage points much faster. It can also be an essential tool for hunters with disabilities, enabling them to roam further and providing a stable base for your next shot if necessary.

Carrying Capacity

While you can spend the time and energy hiking to a great hunting spot, you are still limited to bringing only what you can carry. Especially when you are hunting big game like elk, for example, this can become a particular challenge. An ATV has the ability to carry more gear and bear more weight. You can carry equipment for an extended stay, like food, water, camping supplies, and extra fuel, and have the capacity to haul your hunt back to civilization with you. With an extra seat or two, you can also bring family members or friends with you on your next hunt.


There’s a lot an ATV can do with the right equipment. With high-quality ATV accessories from Copper Ridge Outdoors, you can capitalize on the usefulness of your off-road vehicle. Install a UTV jump seat that will easily carry two adults, try an ATV rear basket for more cargo room, or get a UTV trailer that can serve a number of purposes. Your ATV is not only a fun way to explore the outdoors, it is also a tool with many possible uses. Check out Copper Ridge Outdoors' collection of ATV gear and explore all your options today.

An ATV can help you go further on your next hunting trip, whether you are a hunter with disabilities utilizing the off-road vehicle as an essential tool or you are simply looking to cover more ground with more cargo capacity than a backpack. Using ATVs in the process of hunting may be controversial, but the advantages are clear. Look for part two of this blog series to learn the drawbacks of hunting with ATVs and explore our other posts for more information and tips on hunting. When you want high-quality hunting gear, turn to Copper Ridge! We have equipment you can trust, whether you’re looking for ATV accessories, hunting platforms, or hunting targets. Try our products today!