Why Choose AR500 Steel Targets

Whether you just can’t get into the field as often as you want, or you want to stay sharp and well-practiced, you need a practice range that’s effective and enjoyable to use. Copper Ridge Outdoors is here to help with a wide selection of AR500 steel plate targets. From broad tombstone targets and focused round targets to tree-hanging kits and hanging stands, our high-quality equipment is made to create a better shooting experience for you. All of our hunting targets are made of AR500 steel for the best results — read on to learn more and explore the Copper Ridge Outdoors shooting collection to find what you need today!

What is AR500 Steel?

AR500 steel refers to a specific kind of hardened steel that can withstand more abuse than ordinary steel. Shooting targets made with regular steel can become hazardous, because bullets can punch right through to create holes or create dangerous dents and craters that can deflect bullets in unpredictable directions. AR500 steel plate targets have a higher Brinell hardness number and are built to withstand the high velocity of bullets, offering a sturdy flat surface that will last for years and direct bullets to ricochet safely.


One of the greatest advantages of hardened AR500 steel is, predictably, its durability. The steel plate shooting targets manufactured and distributed by Copper Ridge Outdoors can withstand all handgun calibers, as well as impacts up to 3,000 feet per second (FPS) at a distance of 100 yards or more. They are designed to be a useful, versatile addition to your practice range, without the need to be replaced after a few uses or even a few years. Copper Ridge Outdoors also powder coats all our steel plate targets to help them withstand all weather conditions, from snow and ice to heat and drought. When you choose our AR500 steel targets, you’re investing in practice round after practice round without having to worry about shopping for a replacement.

Immediate Feedback

Another benefit of AR500 steel plate targets is that they offer instant feedback. If you hit one of these steel plates, you’ll know immediately, as your accuracy will be marked by both sound and movement. Paper targets may give you the opportunity to track your progress, but you have to walk up and down the range to check your precision. With a Copper Ridge Outdoors gong target, you can adjust from where you are and spend more time shooting.

Customize Your Range

Having high standards for the quality and durability of your steel plate targets doesn’t mean you’re limited in the kind of shooting targets you use. Copper Ridge Outdoors provides a number of different shapes, styles, and setups so you can customize your range. Try our popular AR500 steel round target in the diameter of your choice, from 6 inches to 12, or branch out with a tombstone shape, a mini silhouette, a square, or a gong target. Find the dimensions you prefer and even the thickness – our steel square target comes in ⅜ inches or ¼ inches thick – and each one is laser cut to your specifications. You can even find what you need to mount your target, from a tree-hanging kit or stand for our gong targets to custom bases and target hooks for when you want to build your own mount.

Create a practice range you’ll look forward to using with help from Copper Ridge Outdoors. Our AR500 steel plate targets offer long-lived durability and effective feedback to improve your shooting experience, and the Copper Ridge customer service team is here to make sure that every item of shooting gear you order meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Explore our site to find the supplies you’ve been looking for, from outdoor hunting gear to ATV accessories, and trust Copper Ridge Outdoors to follow through on our dedication to quality. Start your order today!