Tree Stand Safety Tips

Fall is a great time of year to enjoy hunting, whether you prefer shooting or bowhunting, and, for many of us, ‘tis the season to enjoy your tree stand platform. At Copper Ridge Outdoors, your safety and comfort is our priority, which is why we strive to offer the highest-quality, most durable hunting ladder stands in the business. Choosing the right tree stand is important for an enjoyable hunting season, but so is staying safe. In today’s blog, we’re offering a few important safety tips for your time in your hunting ladder stand!


Choose the Right Tree

Once you’ve found a tree stand platform you can trust – and Copper Ridge Outdoors has plenty to choose from, whether you want to keep things simple or you’d prefer a deluxe two-man tree stand – the next step is finding the right tree to mount it. Look for a tree that is alive and healthy without noticeable damage or rot. For more specific requirements and restrictions on what kind of tree will work for your hunting platform, check the information you receive with your equipment.

Invest in a Safety Harness

A securely mounted hunting ladder stand is important, but you’ll need an effective harness to ensure your safety. A fall can lead to serious injury to yourself or others, especially if you’re handling a loaded weapon at the time. If your current tree stand platform does not include a high-quality safety harness, be sure to order one before your next hunt. You should also have a strong rope or strap to connect your harness to your hunting platform to ensure you don’t fall more than a foot.

Double-Check Your Safety Equipment

It’s not enough to buy reliable equipment and safety gear — you also need to make sure it stays in good condition so it’s ready when you need it. Before your first hunt of the season, check all of your safety equipment and outdoor hunting gear for wear and tear and potential damage. You should do the same throughout the season. If you find any sign of damage, do not use that equipment!

At Copper Ridge Outdoors, we have been frustrated with the shoddy quality and short lifespan of the outdoor hunting gear and equipment we’ve found at other retailers. As hunters and outdoors enthusiasts ourselves, we expect better, and so we created Copper Ridge Outdoors to manufacture equipment that met our high standards. No matter what you order, you can rest assured that it will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Wait to Load Your Gun

One of the most important safety tips to keep in mind has nothing to do with your hunting platform. As we previously mentioned in our blog post on hunting safety tips, you should not load your gun until you are ready to actively hunt. That means leaving it unloaded as you travel to your favorite tree stand to avoid possible misfires or injury as you cross fences, climb hills, jump ditches, and more. Even once you reach your tree stand, wait to load your gun until you have reached the hunting platform and you are in place.

Use a Haul Line

When climbing up to your tree stand, you should have three points of contact with your ladder or tree climbers — that means you are touching the ladder with two hands and one foot, two feet and one hand, or any combination of three holds. Following this safety procedure means you won’t be able to hold any gear as you climb. We also advise against carrying anything on your back that might throw off your balance. Instead, use a haul line to transport gear to and from your hunting platform.

Find Your Perfect Tree Stand With Copper Ridge Outdoors

You’re not ready for this year’s hunting season unless you have a hunting platform that you can trust. Copper Ridge Outdoors offers a number of options to meet your needs, with models made for archers, friends, penny pinchers, and lovers of comfort alike. Each comes with safety instructions and a harness to ensure you can enjoy your time with peace of mind. Place your order today, and happy hunting!