Tips for Responsible ATV Hunting

ATVs and other off-road vehicles can be helpful tools when it comes to hunting. As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, there are advantages and disadvantages to using ATVs. On one hand, an off-road vehicle can offer more access to hunting grounds, especially for disabled hunters. On the other hand, ATVs can have a real impact on the land, the animals, and the people around you. Copper Ridge Outdoors wants to help you make the most of your ATV’s potential. Read on for tips on how to hunt with your ATV responsibly and explore our collection of high-quality ATV gear for jump seats, UTV trailers, and more.

Follow Local Laws and Regulations

If you are planning to hunt with your ATV, keep in mind that off-road vehicles may be banned from certain lands. The ban may be to protect the property from environmental damage or the landowner may simply want to keep away disrespectful drivers. It’s important that you follow these rules regardless of the reasons. If a property prohibits motorized vehicles, that includes off-road vehicles. There are also cases where you will be allowed to drive your vehicle into certain areas, but the way you use it is restricted, which we will discuss in the next section. Check for local rulings on ATVs before you start driving or, better yet, when you first start planning your hunting trip.

“Walk When You Stalk”

Many laws have been created to enforce ethical hunting practices, and while we have already recommended complying with these rules, we feel it is also important to point out the principles behind some of these rules. For example, chasing or trapping animals using your vehicle is illegal. When you use your ATV to hunt or harass animals, it defeats the idea of a “fair chase.”

As another example, you are not allowed to shoot from your ATV. The one exception is if you are a disabled hunter with a permit, and while you may be allowed to shoot from your vehicle in that case, it cannot be moving. In some cases, you ATV cannot even be running. Able-bodied hunters should always hunt on foot or from hunting platforms, and ignoring these rules to hunt from your off-road vehicle reflects poorly on the sport and its participants.

The principles behind ethical ATV hunting are easy to remember. Simply keep in mind that your off-road vehicle can be used as a tool to access hunting grounds and carry cargo. You can bring in camping gear and supplies, pack out game, and use it for a host of other purposes, but your vehicle should not be a part of the hunt itself.

The simplest rule for using your ATV wisely is to use common sense. Irresponsible use of ATVs can lead to more restrictions for everyone, but if you follow local laws and regulations, you will be able to enjoy hunting with your off-road vehicle for season after season. Get ready for your next trip and explore our collection of trusted ATV gear here at Copper Ridge Outdoors. We also offer a wide range of hunting items, including tower stands, hang-on deer stands, and hunting targets. Shop now and find what you need!