Hunting Safety Tips

At Copper Ridge Outdoors, we are dedicated to helping make your outdoor hunting experiences better than ever with high-quality equipment and gear. We manufacture hunting, shooting, and ATV gear based on what we want as outdoor enthusiasts, and we ship it directly to you without a third-party mark-up.

Safety is our top priority when we create products like our tree stand platforms and steel plate targets, and we want to go a step further in today’s blog with safety tips you should keep in mind on every outing. Read on to learn more, and order from Copper Ridge Outdoors today for outdoor hunting equipment you can trust!


Dress Appropriately

When planning ahead for your next hunting trip, make sure to think carefully about the weather and terrain you’ll be dealing with. In cold weather, try to avoid moisture-retaining cotton and use a water-repelling outer layer. You have more flexibility in warmer weather, but keep in mind that you can succumb to hypothermia in temperatures up to 50 degrees.

Whether you’re in shorts or a winter coat, you should be wearing hunter orange at all times when exploring the outdoors during a hunting season. If you are hunting with dogs, they should also be outfitted in bright colors, and you should give the same advice to anyone in the area, whether they are participating in your hunting trip or not. We also recommend wearing eye and ear protection if you are shooting rather than hunting with a bow.

Stay Aware

One of the most important tenets of hunting safely is staying alert and aware of your surroundings. If you are hunting with a gun, you should be especially cautious. You should never shoot unless you are sure of your target and what’s beyond it — keep in mind that most guns, even small caliber weapons, have a range of at least a mile or a mile and a half.

While we hope it’s obvious, we want to make it clear: you should not use drugs or alcohol or be under their influence when hunting. You need to be fully focused and alert when handling firearms, and those with you should also be clear-headed. Additionally, you should be cautious of any medications that may cause drowsiness or affect your concentration.

Treat Weapons With Caution

To that point, we have a few safety tips specifically relevant to handling firearms. For one, you should treat every weapon as if it is loaded. Never point your weapon at anything you don’t intend to shoot and keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire. You should keep your firearm unloaded unless you are actively hunting, and that means saving your ammunition until after you climb a fence, ladder, or tree or mount a vehicle. In addition, remember to always use proper ammunition intended to be used with your firearm of choice.

Have a Plan

For your safety, you should have someone to hunt with whenever possible — hunting alone comes with many risks. You should also have a clear plan of where you intend to go, when you’re leaving, and when you’ll be back.

Designate a contact person and share your hunting trip plans with them so they will know if something has gone wrong and can call for help. If they are unfamiliar with the area you’ll be hunting in, show them on the map so they can better direct any emergency responders.

Most importantly, you should stay accountable to the plan you created and the person you designated as your emergency contact. If something changes, get in touch with your contact to let them know. Best practice is to avoid changing your plans whenever possible, because some remote areas may not have cell service or an available network for you to use to contact your designated person.

Be Prepared

Planning ahead can go a long way in ensuring your health and safety on a hunting trip. This includes not only making a plan and designating an emergency contact, but also being mindful about the tools and equipment you bring with you. You should have a map, a GPS or compass, and a first aid kit. You should also bring a flashlight, especially if are traveling at dusk, before sunrise, or after sunset. Keep an eye on our blog for more advice on which essentials you should bring in a future post!

Use Equipment You Trust

Many forms of hunting involve more than a pair of boots and a gun or bow. Whether you are traveling with an ATV or spending time in a tree stand platform, you need equipment you can depend on. Turn to Copper Ridge Outdoors — we manufacture a wide variety of outdoor hunting gear, and we always put safety and quality first. Invest in an ATV basket to store the emergency equipment you need or a two-man deer stand that is built for comfort as well as stability. Explore our outdoor hunting collection today to see all that we have to offer, and place your order today to invest in a better hunting experience tomorrow!